3 Essays

 Three Essays

A) If you had the opportunity, what actions would you demand from the United Nations Admin General and why?

If I had the chance, I would demand following from UN Admin General here are my own reasons:



Mandatory K-12 education for all affiliate

Education is definitely the backbone of country and

states people

educated people contribute even more when it

involves paying taxation, and becoming more socially,

environmentally, and politically more

responsible. Informed peoples tend to have

higher living standards, which will increase life

expectations access world.

Equal pay and privileges for women

Girls constitute regarding 50% of worldwide

population. Devoid of equal pay out and legal rights for

ladies, they separation behind and this means complete

human kind can be losing about 50% growth


Take child mortality rate to near no

Mortality rate for under 5-year old kids in

a few under developed countries may run because

high because 162 per 1000 in accordance to World Bank

data. This price is quite mind boggling and surprising in

twenty first hundred years. UN ought to work with

NGOs, WHO, UNESCO, respective

governments to bring down this rate. UN

should take strict steps against countries

that attempts proper immunization such as

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Unfortunately, all

three of these countries recently reported

outbreak of polio.

Assure proper usage of and maintenance of

Every living person needs to beverage safe

pure drinking water

and pure moving water. There is no doubt

amongst experts that water could become

priciest mineral twenty to 3 decades down the road.

In respect to EL reports, 783 million people

don't have usage of safe drinking water. Likewise,

there are reports that reveal drinking water

storage is shrinking due to local climate change. ALGUN

should assist all affiliate states, NGOs to

teach the importance of pure moving water

to general public and take proper procedures to

ensure everyone's access to pure water to drink.

Stop wars and genocide

One of the founding charters of UN is always to stop

battles. Unfortunately, EL has limited

success right here. Recent annexation of Crimea to

Russian federation is a outstanding example of how UN failed to

do it is job regarding this. Genocides in CAR and

Syria as well remind us how challenging today's

politics world is usually, and limited authority ESTE has

above its affiliate states. ESTE should be doing work

harder to quit wars and genocides.

Ensure democratic free of charge and good elections in every

There are plenty of good examples when many

member claims

dictators conquer 99% of votes in national

polls. Those elections are never held in free

and fair fashion and without any international

selection monitoring. These kinds of dictators stifle

against a unique citizens, break basic human being

rights, and engage wars with neighbors. UN

should be strengthening its political election monitoring

functions and parts against declares that may

hold totally free and fair elections.

Bottom line: As a global citizen, I do think each of the 6 demands have got profound impact on today's world, and world population. ALGUN has some standard of successes in numerous sectors, yet , there is more needs to be completed for this planet earth and its residents.

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