Perils of Texting When Driving

 Dangers of Text messaging While Traveling Research Paper


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13 September 2013

Perils of Texting When Driving

Technology has become a significant part of the society. Mobiles have become a staple to millions of people throughout the world, but with this kind of technology comes a lack of responsibility that can damage others. Text messaging has become a popular form of connection in the fast paced society we all live in today. Texting and driving has changed into a growing crisis. Statistics carry on and prove just how dangerous it really is and why people need to become educated on the dangers. Research are regularly being carried out to determine who are sending text messages and driving at peak times. The amount of text messages sent in the United States in January of 2012 was around 171. three or more billion (" What is Sidetracked Driving” 1). An worrying number of all those text messages could have resulted in accidents as motorists became distracted. According into a new study conducted by simply AT& To, " almost half of adults admitted to texting while driving, compared to a slightly small number of young adults who fessed up to the same thing” (Gross 1). If a driver delivers or obtains a text, the driver turns into distracted and takes all their eyes off the road for about 5. 6 mere seconds (" What is Distracted Driving” 1). When compared to, it is a lot like driving the length of a sports field blind-folded. Even individuals who know the dangers of texting and driving, still do so away of behavior. In 2007, Washington started to be the 1st state to ban txt messaging while driving. Currently, forty one states have banned text messaging for all drivers (" Sidetracked Driving Laws” 1) The State of Kansas provides banned sending text messages while generating for all drivers, but will continue to allow the use of a cellphone for discussing except for amateur and intermediate drivers. Kansas law states " motorists may not compose, send or perhaps read a written communication” (" Kansas Cell Phone Laws” 1). What this means is drivers simply cannot manually send out or examine written communication from text messaging, instant...

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