Local Issue Scenarios you

 Local Concern Scenarios one particular Essay

п»їLocal Concern Scenarios

Situation 1

Some individuals in your town desire to build a brand new fire place. They say that the old you are not big enough. They also are interested another fireplace engine. They really want citizens to cover the building from the new fireplace stations and the purchase of a brand new fire engine. Other people close to you think that the town does not need another fire engine. They think the old firehouse is big enough. They do not need their taxation increased to pay for the new firehouse and engine.

What is the issue/problem?

A lot of people in the town want a fresh fire place because the old one is too small , and they also want to buy another fire engine. There are conflicting opinions. Several citizens do not want this kind of because they just do not want to pay more taxation, and also admit we do not need another flames engine, neither do we desire a new flames station.

What would you do to help discover what your city should do?

To help figure out what my neighborhoods should do, is always to simply take a vote. Because voting is definitely an easy way to make decisions that matter a town. This way a final decision would have been a result of a fair democratic decision.

What are a few other ways to solve this problem?

Another way to solve this issue is by beginning a fundraiser for the citizens that would like a new fire place and another fire engine. It a great way to solve the condition because this approach the people that wanted a bigger fire train station and an additional fire engine could acquire enough money to finish the task.

What are some positive and unfavorable implications to these solutions?

A good implications for the voting option would be that there is a happy group in the end as well as the vote was fair and the decision is done by its own citizens. A bad implication to the voting answer would be that there is an unhappy group of people because now they will have to pay more taxes intended for something they were doing not want to begin with. A positive inference to the fundraiser solution can be that it was powerful and the wished task will probably be completed. A bad implication for the fundraiser solution would be not all people paid for such upgrades, nonetheless it will be available to everyone in the community, even the kinds who would not pay.

What impact might this include on you, the area citizen?

If the upgrade was going to happen, this would impact on myself because We as a regional citizen would have to pay more tax. If this kind of did not happen then the duty rate will stay the same and i also will be financed back anything I currently gave to the government to get the up grade.

What will you do to let your ideas be known to the town?

As this is a mayor's job, I might email or write a letter to the gran suggesting the ideas I have come up with. Likewise I could keep up some papers informing the town about the following concepts. Lastly, I could call the area newspaper to tell the town regarding this idea.

Circumstance 2

A few students inside your school need to ride their cycles to school. The street next towards the school is extremely busy with cars and trucks. The students think that a bicycle course next towards the street will be a good idea.

What could you need to do to find out about if the path could be built?

To learn whether a way could be created I would have to go to city hall and get a consultation with a one who has responsibility for local construction, to get roads or paths.

That which ideas do you possess that might permit students trip their bikes to school safely?

An idea which may let students ride their very own bikes to varsity is just by taking another way, obtaining another route to school, a much more safer a single for motorcycles. Another thought would be to just wear the safety equipment intended for bikers, including reflective vests, and a helmet. Likewise they can just motorcycle on the side walk.

What might be good or bad regarding those suggestions?

Finding an additional route could possibly be good since they can go to school, nonetheless it is bad because they should wake up previously to and exercise...


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