Gdp Expansion

 Gdp Expansion Essay

Question:  ‐ IsВ ItВ PossibleВ toВ GuaranteeВ DevelopmentВ HavingВ ZeroВ RealВ GDPВ GrowthВ Rate? В

GDP: ‐GDPВ isВ definedВ asВ theВ totalВ marketВ valueВ ofВ allВ finalВ goodsВ andВ servicesВ producedВ withinВ theВ countryВ inВ aВ givenВ periodВ ofВ timeВ (usuallyВ aВ calendarВ year). В В

EconomicВ developmentВ

GenerallyВ refersВ toВ theВ suffered, В concertedВ actionsВ ofВ policymakersВ andВ communitiesВ thatВ promoteВ theВ standardВ ofВ livingВ andВ economicВ healthВ ofВ aВ specificВ region. В EconomicВ developmentВ canВ alsoВ beВ referredВ toВ asВ theВ quantitativeВ andВ qualitativeВ changesВ inВ theВ economy. В SuchВ actionsВ canВ involveВ multipleВ areasВ includingВ developmentВ ofВ humanВ capital, В criticalВ infrastructure, В regionalВ competitiveness, В environmentalВ sustainability, В socialВ inclusion, В health, В safety, В literacy, В andВ otherВ initiatives. В В

EconomicВ growthВ

IncreaseВ inВ aВ country'sВ productiveВ capacity, В asВ measuredВ byВ comparingВ В (GNP/GDP)В inВ aВ yearВ withВ theВ GNP/GDPВ inВ theВ previousВ yr. В IncreaseВ inВ theВ capitalВ share, В advancesВ inВ technology, В andВ improvementВ inВ theВ qualityВ andВ levelВ ofВ literacyВ areВ consideredВ toВ beВ theВ principalВ causesВ ofВ economicВ development. В InВ recentВ years, В theВ ideaВ ofВ sustainableВ developmentВ hasВ broughtВ inВ additionalВ factorsВ suchВ asВ environmentallyВ soundВ processesВ thatВ mustВ beВ takenВ intoВ accountВ inВ growingВ anВ economy. В

GDPВ =В CВ +В IВ +В GВ +В (X‐M). В




GrossВ investmentВ


GovernmentВ spendingВ





ThereВ areВ twoВ waysВ thatВ GDPВ canВ increase: ‐В

1 ) AnВ increaseВ inВ theВ pricesВ ofВ goodsВ andВ services. В 2 . AnВ increaseВ inВ theВ QuantityВ ofВ goodsВ andВ services. В


New _ Valueв€’ Older _ Benefit

GDP _ Percent_ Change= %О” sama dengan


Older _ Benefit

ForВ ExampleВ weВ canВ alalysisВ theВ followingВ tableВ





Price(P) PQВ












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