Energy drinks mixed with liquor: the active effects in risk-taking patterns, alcohol priming and related negative outcomes

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  • Energy drinks mixed with liquor: the active effects in risk-taking patterns, alcohol priming and related negative outcomes
 Energy beverages mixed with alcohol: the fun effects about risk-taking habit, alcohol priming and related negative implications Essay


Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: the active effects on risk-taking patterns, alcohol priming and related negative outcomes

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SLSY100: Mindset 100

Strength drinks mixed with alcohol: the interactive effects on risk-taking behavior, drinking and related negative effects


The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between risk-taking propensity; AmED make use of and the results these factors had overall alcohol consumption plus the experience of related negative outcomes. Participants had been 172 students from the mindset faculty of your Australian university. Data was collected utilizing a self-report on line survey. The survey used a inside subjects design and style and contained two parts. Part one asked queries about alcohol consumption when using alcoholic beverages alone, strength drink alone (ED) and energy beverage mixed with liquor (AmED). Members also accomplished a revised version in the Brief Fresh Adult Result Scale (BYAACQ) to assess associated negative effects as well as a RT-18 questionnaire to evaluate risk acquiring propensity. Portion Two evaluated personality traits such as depression even so data gathered was not utilized to this present study. The hypothesis that mixing alcohol with energy drink does not increase total alcohol consumption was supported by the existing study's results. As believed, AmED make use of was not identified to increase general alcohol consumption. The findings as well supported the prediction that high risk acquiring propensity increases both total alcohol consumption as well the likelihood of experiencing associated negative consequences was supported. To conclude, these findings, taken as well as previous research suggests that AmEd consumption would not increase overall alcohol consumption, risk taking behaviour or

negative alcohol related effects. Findings likewise suggest that risk taking tendency is a significant variable in overall intake and affiliated effects. Further studies using within subject designs will be needed to explore the relationship between, risk currently taking propensity, sexuality, alcohol consumption as well as related implications to further confirm these conclusions. Keywords: liquor, energy drink, risk-taking, negative consequences,


Risky drinking behaviours among children and fresh adult populations are a global concern (de Haan, para Haan, welcher Palen, Oliver and Verster, 2012). Of particular matter are the styles or methods reported to boost the consumption of alcohol and those which might be reported to enhance the likelihood of risk taking behaviors and adverse consequences). The increased demand for energy refreshments has noticed rise for the practice of blending energy drinks with alcoholic beverages and the advertising of these drinks (AmED). This practice features raised worries about the interactive results that AmED beverages may well have on behaviour with recent studies suggesting a correlation between AmED drinking " sessions” and improved alcohol consumption (O'Brien, McCoy, Rhodes, Wagoner & Wolfson, 2008); increased diamond in risk-taking behaviour (O'Brian et al, 2008); reduction in perceived amount of intoxication (O'Brien et 's, 2008; Peacock, Bruno & Martin, 2012 b) and an increase in the amount of negative liquor related situations (O'Brien ainsi que al, 2008).

Energy beverages are soft beverages that contain caffeine and also other legal stimulants such as the and are also guarana. Additional herbal stimulant medications such gingko biloba and ginseng, amino acids such as taurine, simple sugars and nutritional vitamins are also common to most popular brands of energy drink. (O'Brien et al, 2008). These kinds of beverages are specifically marketed to the junior segment and report to provide the consumer increased stamina and energy (Attila & Cakir, 2011). The motivation in back of the consumption of AmED beverages has been the focus of latest research. Prior studies in the behavioural and...

References: Alford, C., Hamilton-Morris, J., & Verster, C. J. (2012). The effects of strength drink in conjunction with alcohol in performance and subjective awareness. Psychopharmacology, (222), 519-532. doi: 10. 1007/s00-012-2677-1

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