Chrysalids Ch2

 Chrysalids Ch2 Essay


VOCABULARY: Determine and utilize the following phrases in a word.

•Tedious- Meticulous

•Deviation- Repentance

CONCERNS: Answer each one of the following concerns using complete sentences.

•What is the name of David's town?

-David's community was referred to as Walnuk

•Describe David's Grand daddy, Elias Strorm in your own words and phrases. -A strong man, with a religious qualifications. Always serious.

•What are 3 of Paul Strorm's occupations?

-His occupations where Priest, Magistrate, and Landowner

•Describe David's father in your own words. Just how is he different from Elias? -A quiet man believes highly on god and in his duty to be a useful part of the district.

•Which two books will David's father love?

-The books Paul loved in which the Bible, and from Nicholson's Repentances

•What are 2 of the axioms (sayings) hanging in David's house? - Two of the sayings exactly where ONLY THE IMAGE OF GOD CAN BE MAN, BLESSED IS THE USUAL

•What does David's living room tell you about his family members? -That they may be very religious and stick to every rule.

•What happens to animal crimes? What happens to herb offenses? -They are slain and vegetation are damaged.

•What is the term that David's community uses to describe people who have deviations? -Blasphemy.

•What is Outrageous Country? The Fringes? The Badlands?

-Draw slightly map with their location pertaining to Waknuk.

•What is the impression that you get regarding the Fringes people? -They are many of them thief and Blasphemy

•Who is Dad Axel?

-Married one of David's aunts. Use full employee but a new problem on one of his foot.

IMPORTANT ESTIMATES: Jot down the context (who said that, when was it said) and significance (why it really is important) of every of the following quotes.

•My father's trust was carefully bred into his bones, his principles were his sinews, and both equally responded to a mind abundantly stored with examples from the Bible, and...


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