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Company Behavior Administration,. Tue (C413)4, 5, six /Thur (C408) 7, almost 8, 9

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Dr . Chris Adalikwu, Phone Number 010-7658-2050, [email protected] com __________________________________________________________________________-----Course Pre-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions (including required before knowledge or skills)

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п‚· Robbins/Judge, OB, 16e, Global Edition, Pearson Publishers. Recommended Course Materials


Training course Description

With this course we will cover a few concepts and theories relevant to management and organizational habit. The field of company behavior or perhaps OB, even as generally call it, is the examine of human behavior within just organizations. That is certainly, what people believe, how they feel, why they presume, feel and work in a particular way. Whenever we can find answers to the previously mentioned questions then simply we can exercise better control over human behavior and channelize it towards a more efficient and effective functioning in the organization. With this course we all will analyze individuals however, as well as in the proper execution of teams and groupings, and try to receive an understanding of individual features and group dynamics that shape specific attitudes and behaviors. In addition , we will likely talk about a lot of system level components just like, organizational lifestyle and key management capabilities. The main thought behind this course is to equip students with all the knowledge to comprehend, predict and control human being behavior that help their current or future organizations in becoming more efficient and effective managers

College student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

understand human behavior better and apply the knowledge to real life business problems. d differentiate between common sense and research structured theory linked to organizational tendencies and apply the knowledge and concepts to real life circumstances.

individual learning, attitudes, ideals, motivation, group behaviors, command, management features and company culture.

company behavior.

emergeny room understanding of themselves through self-assessment and self-reflection.

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ng associated with this course. You will have

power-point slides that will be presented to the learners, there will self-assessment assignments provided to students so that they get to know their own selves better. In addition you will have links supplied to video tutorials for audio-visual learning on certain subject areas. There will be category discussions in several topics almost every week and students will also be instructed to review added resources just like Bloomberg Business Week, Wall Street Journal, etc . Inside my role while an instructor, I will try my best to guide you and help the learning process by making a class environment that is wide open, communicative, and respectful with adequate and timely opinions to students.

Classroom Protocols

-ups: Every assignments happen to be due on the appointed time, date and time. If the assignment can be not submitted on time, it truly is considered later and you receive a " 0” for that assignment. If you are not able to submit an assignment in time due to reasonable, please discuss that cause with me in advance. Students are encouraged to maintain an ideal pace while using class and submit their work on period. No late assignments will probably be accepted for grading. Yet , in certain situations some extra time can be allowed based on forgiven absences with proper documentation. See beneath for a...


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