Ankle Tape Describe

 Ankle Strapping Outline Essay

Ankle Taping Outline

1 . Pre-wrap ankle

a. Mid-foot towards the base from the calf

w. Cover the complete ankle

installment payments on your Anchor Pieces

a. 3-4 angled pieces

b. From base in the calf

c. Not too tight

d. 1-2 anchors on the midfoot region

elizabeth. No a greater distance down than the base of 5th

3. Figure almost eight

a. From lateral malleolus

b. Across dorsum with the foot through medial long. arch

c. Proximal to base of 5th metatarsal

d. Again across dorsum of the ft . and about medial malleolus e. About posterior rearfoot back to starting position at lateral malleolus

4. Stirrups

a. Start along inside aspect of lower leg at anchor strips.

m. Proceed eloigne across inside malleolus and pull beneath the heel. c. Finish around the lateral element at the point strips

deb. Complete several of these overlapping the tape by ½ the breadth of the prior piece

your five. Stirrup Anchor Strips

a. Start at remarkable aspect of stirrup strips

n. Apply a few anchor whitening strips over the stirrups.

c. These types of strips must be mirror photos of beginning anchor whitening strips

6. Horseshoes

a. Create a horizontal tape from the inside malleolus running posterior for the lateral malleolus b. Complete 3 of those overlapping the tape by simply ½ the width of the previous piece

7. Heel Locks

a. Start along dorsum of the foot at the base in the 5th metatarsal b. Move forward along dorsum of the foot through the medial long. mid-foot and across plantar surface area of the foot. c. Draw upwards along the lateral facet of the calcaneus distal towards the lateral malleolus. d. Continue posteriorly throughout the lower leg and round the medial malleolus. e. Get across the informe aspect of the lower leg and around the lateral malleolus continuing posteriorly around the lower leg again. f. Pull down along the inside aspect of the calcaneus eloigne to the medial malleolus. g. Continue over the plantar aspect of the foot and eloigne to the bottom of the 5th metatarsal. l. Pull up wards across the dorsum of the feet and end at the medial malleolus. we. Complete two...


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