a lesson before dying

 a lessons before perishing Essay

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ReportВ onВ AВ LessonВ BeforeВ DyingВ

AВ LessonВ BeforeВ DyingВ isВ writtenВ byВ ErnestВ J. В Gaines. В ThisВ bookВ showsВ usВ thatВ

thereВ isВ indeedВ hope, В andВ thatВ everyoneВ hasВ aВ purposeВ inВ life. В ThereВ isВ nothingВ thatВ canВ changeВ whatВ willВ happenВ inВ theВ end. В However, В aВ personВ isВ leftВ withВ twoВ options. В YouВ canВ denyВ andВ fightВ itВ theВ entireВ way, В orВ acceptВ it, В learnВ fromВ it, В andВ moveВ forward. В YouВ haveВ toВ makeВ theВ decisionВ toВ eitherВ letВ yourВ battlesВ bringВ youВ downВ orВ toВ letВ themВ makeВ somethingВ ofВ you. В В AВ LessonВ BeforeВ DyingВ showsВ whatВ itВ isВ likeВ toВ acceptВ whatВ isВ givenВ toВ youВ andВ howВ toВ makeВ somethingВ greatВ outВ ofВ it. В

В В В В В В В В 

ThisВ bookВ takesВ placeВ inВ aВ smallВ communityВ inВ theВ ruralВ SouthВ duringВ theВ 1940. В ThereВ isВ aВ trialВ forВ theВ murderВ ofВ aВ whiteВ storeВ attendantВ andВ Jefferson, В aВ poorlyВ educatedВ blackВ man, В isВ beingВ accusedВ ofВ it. В HisВ appointedВ attorneyВ triesВ toВ spareВ Jefferson'sВ lifeВ fromВ theВ deathВ penalty. В HisВ attorneyВ states, В " GentlemenВ ofВ theВ jury, В beВ merciful. В ForВ God'sВ sake, В beВ merciful. В HeВ isВ innocentВ ofВ allВ chargesВ broughtВ againstВ him. В ButВ letВ usВ sayВ heВ wasВ not. В LetВ usВ forВ aВ momentВ sayВ heВ wasВ not. В WhatВ justiceВ wouldВ thereВ beВ toВ takeВ thisВ life? В Justice, В gentlemen? В Why, В IВ wouldВ justВ asВ soonВ putВ aВ hogВ inВ theВ electricВ chairВ asВ this. " В

(p. В 8). В ThisВ statementВ upsetsВ JeffersonВ byВ sayingВ heВ isВ noВ moreВ awareВ ofВ theВ situationВ thanВ anВ animalВ thatВ isВ aboutВ toВ beВ slaughtered. В JeffersonВ beganВ toВ believeВ heВ wasВ nothingВ moreВ thanВ aВ hogВ andВ thatВ heВ wouldВ showВ themВ justВ whatВ aВ hogВ is. В В В

В В В В В В В В В 

JeffersonВ hasВ difficultВ overcomingВ hisВ optionsВ toВ eitherВ beВ anВ oldВ hogВ orВ toВ takeВ thisВ asВ aВ wayВ toВ learnВ aВ lesson, В В " I'mВ anВ oldВ hogВ justВ anВ oldВ hogВ theyВ fatteningВ upВ toВ killВ forВ Christmas. В I'mВ go'nВ showВ youВ howВ aВ oldВ hogВ eat" В (p. 83). В AtВ thisВ point, В JeffersonВ thenВ kneelsВ downВ onВ theВ floor, В placesВ hisВ headВ inВ theВ bag. В WhileВ eating, В heВ makesВ noisesВ similarВ toВ thatВ ofВ aВ hog. В HeВ mustВ learnВ thatВ heВ isВ notВ aВ hogВ beforeВ hisВ executionВ andВ ultimatelyВ becomeВ theВ hogВ theyВ haveВ madeВ himВ outВ toВ be. В В HeВ intendsВ toВ proveВ toВ everyoneВ thatВ heВ isВ nothingВ moreВ thanВ justВ whatВ theyВ claimВ heВ is. В ThroughoutВ theВ book, В Jefferson, В withВ Grant'sВ help, В beginsВ toВ changeВ hisВ view. В GrantВ isВ aВ blackВ teacherВ whoВ isВ usuallyВ lookedВ downВ to, В HeВ startsВ toВ seeВ himselfВ asВ aВ manНѕВ heВ beginsВ actuallyВ talkingВ toВ Grant. В JeffersonВ beginsВ toВ writeВ inВ aВ journalВ thatВ GrantВ gaveВ him. В InВ theВ journal, В heВ explainsВ hisВ feelingsВ andВ views. В AfterВ heВ acceptedВ hisВ upcomingВ death, В JeffersonВ goesВ toВ hisВ executionВ asВ aВ man, В withВ hisВ headВ heldВ high. В JeffersonВ foundВ hopeВ inВ everythingВ thatВ wasВ tryingВ toВ bringВ himВ down. В JeffersonВ finallyВ realizedВ thatВ heВ wasВ moreВ thanВ aВ hogВ andВ thatВ heВ didВ notВ wantВ toВ dieВ asВ one. В JeffersonВ didВ notВ dieВ asВ aВ hog, В heВ hadВ everyВ opportunityВ toВ giveВ upВ andВ justВ giveВ theВ peopleВ whatВ theyВ wanted, В butВ JeffersonВ learnedВ theВ lessonВ aboutВ beingВ happyВ beforeВ heВ wasВ sentВ toВ theВ electricВ chair. В JeffersonВ choseВ toВ dieВ asВ aВ man. В InВ theВ end, В asВ Paul, В theВ guard, В says, В " HeВ wasВ theВ strongestВ manВ inВ thatВ crowdedВ place. " В (p. 253)В JeffersonВ achievesВ justВ whatВ Ms. В EmmaВ wantedВ himВ toВ achieve. В

В В  В В В В В В В В 

JeffersonВ isВ notВ theВ onlyВ oneВ whoВ hadВ toВ findВ hopeВ inВ somethingВ heВ hadВ noВ controlВ over. В GrantВ WigginsВ isВ aВ blackВ schoolВ teacher. В He'sВ mad, В bitter, В andВ disgustedВ byВ theВ prejudiceВ broughtВ aboutВ byВ theВ whiteВ men. В MissВ Emma, В Grant'sВ aunt, В isВ outragedВ byВ theВ statementВ fromВ theВ defenseВ attorney. В SheВ knows, В inВ herВ heart, В thatВ herВ boyВ isВ notВ aВ hog, В soВ sheВ begsВ andВ asksВ ifВ GrantВ canВ helpВ herВ makeВ JeffersonВ intoВ aВ man. В EmmaВ says, В " ​ IВ needВ

youВ speakВ forВ me, В Mr. В HenriВ IВ wantВ theВ teacherВ visitВ myВ boy. В IВ wantВ theВ teacherВ makeВ himВ knowВ he'В notВ aВ hog, В he'sВ aВ man. В IВ wantВ himВ knowВ thatВ foreВ heВ goВ toВ thatВ chair, В Mr. В Henri. " В (p. 21). В Grant'sВ understandingВ ofВ theВ titleВ isВ thatВ itВ isВ hisВ responsibilityВ toВ teachВ JeffersonВ howВ toВ beВ aВ man. В EarlyВ onВ heВ states, В " TheyВ wantВ meВ toВ makeВ himВ aВ manВ beforeВ heВ dies. " В...


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